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O+ Mural Art.

  In May 2017, I was fortunate enough to be a part of my home town's inaugural O+ Festival. O+ was founded in 2010 in Kingston, NY by artists and health/wellness providers. The focus of this organization was to strengthen and celebrate communities through the power of art. 

 I come from Haverhill, MA which is about 30 minutes outside of Boston and on the border of New Hampshire. I grew up/currently reside there, and in my time I have met countless creative folk who have helped me in immense ways. I was completely honored to be a part of our festival.

  My mural was all about "home," and what it means to me. My answer is that it's a place where creative types and others can come together and find a sense of meaning in a world we sometimes feel we don't belong. The piece features a young cherub playing music and being surrounded by woodland critters, all enjoying each other's creativity and uniqueness. It emotes warmth, joy and welcoming. This is something I wish to continue to work towards alongside my community.